Frequently asked questions (FAQ)


How do I decide which card printer I need?

This is a very common question - and to answer it you need to know the answers to the following questions:

Do I need single or double sided print?

All the printers will print on both sides of the card, but a dual sided printer turns the card over during the print process so that the card is printed on both sides in one pass through the machine - variables can therefore be printed on both sides easily.  If your design has the same reverse for all cards you can use a single sided printer to print the backs, then turn the cards over and re insert them to print the fronts as required.

How many cards am I going to make in a day? Week? Year?

All the manufacturers make entry machines which are able to print many cards per hour in colour or monochrome.  If you have a higher requirement, look at the print spreed, the size of the input and output hoppers and the size of ribbons available

Am I going to need card encoders such as magnetic stripe or smart card encoders?

All the manufacturers offer these, but some allow you to fit them at a later date, rather than being factory options

How will I connect to my PC or Mac?

Not all manufacturers include drivers for all operating systems and some have USB connection as standard whereas others have USB and Ethernet connections

Once you have these answers, call us on 0121 5621960 and we can review which printer will be best for you.